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      Product Name:
      CH-10-C Rubber Bull Thickness Meter

      AddDate: 2014-05-16

      ◆  It’s used for testing the thickness of wire and cable, also measuring the sulfur rubber plastic products.
      It has simple structure and perfect accuracy, and is easy to operate.

      ◆  GB2951-2008

      Technical parameters:
      ◆  Accuracy of dial indicator: level 0-1, division value: 0.01mm
      ◆  Weights of measuring head: 157±5g, 140±2g, 28±3g(Including hairspring stretch, screw rod measurement head etc. weight)
      ◆  Size of measuring head: Ф5mm, Ф10mm, 1*4mm
      ◆  Measuring Stroke: 0-10mm

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