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      Product Name:
      BG5501 Insulation Projector (Mechanical)

      AddDate: 2014-05-16


      ◆  It’s the specialized equipment which SECRI appoints for testing cable’s cross-section in wire and cable industry.


      ◆  Excellent optical system, clear objective images, accurate magnification.

      ◆  In transmitted light lighting, the measurement error less than 0.08% in transmitted light lighting.

      ◆  Measurement error can reach (4+L/75)μm (L: specimen length, units: mm)


      GB/T 2951.11 -2008


      Technical parameters:

      ◆  Working table:

           X coordinate stroke: 50mm

           Micrometer Hand-wheel resolution: 0.002

           Y ordinate stroke: 25mm

           Micrometer Hand-wheel resolution: 0.002

           Glass stage rotation range: 0~360o

      ◆  Projector:

           Dimension(mm): Φ308, range Φ300

           Projection rotating range: 0~360o

           Rotation angle cursor case value: 2′

      ◆  Objective:

           Magnification: 20X

           Object field: 15mm

           Object work distance: 81.94mm

      ◆  Focusing range: 80mm

      ◆  Instrument lighting: 24 V, 150W halogen tungsten lamp

      ◆  Instrument power: AC220VAC, 50/60HZ

      ◆  Cooling mode: Air cooling (3 axial flow fans)


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