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      Product Name:
      BG5501A Insulation Projector (Digital display)

      AddDate: 2014-05-16


      ◆  It’s widely used in machinery, instrument, electronics, light industries, universities, research institutes and measurement for inspection department.


      ◆  Efficient testing, excellent optical system, clear objective images, and accurate magnification.

      ◆  When in the transmitted light lighting, the measurement error will be less than 0.08%.

      ◆  Measurement error can reach (3+L/75)μm, (L: specimen length, units: mm)


      Technical parameters:

      ◆  Woring table:

          Metal table size: 320*220mm

          Glass table size: Φ190mm

          X coordinate stroke: 150mm

          Y coordinate stroke: 50mm

          Z coordinate stroke (used for focusing): 80mm

          Measurement accuracy: 4+L/50

          Digital display resolution of X, Y coordinate: 0.001

      ◆  projection screen:

          Size(mm): Φ312, range >Φ300

          Projection rotating range: 0~360°

          Rotation Angle of digital display resolution : 1°

      ◆  Objective:

          Magnification: 10X (standard configuration), 20X (selective configuration)

          Object field: Φ30mm, Φ15mm (for 20X)

          Object work distance: 85.17mm, 81.94mm (for 20X)

      ◆  data processing system: 3000 type multi-functional data processing system

      ◆  Instrument lighting: 24 V, 150W halogen tungsten lamp

      ◆  Instrument power: AC220V, 50/60HZ, total power: 350W

      ◆  Cooling mode: Air cooling (3 axial flow fans)

      ◆  Overall dimension: 720*390*1100mm

      ◆  Weight: 175KG


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