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      Product Name:
      BG5503 Optical Image Measuring Instrument

      AddDate: 2014-05-16


      ◆  It’s widely used in all fields of application with two coordinates for the purpose, such as machinery, electronics, instruments, and plastic, etc.


      ◆  Varifocus onjective and graticule marker generator as the measurement aiming system.

      ◆  Various data processing and display, input and output functions, especially the function of adjusting workpiece is very useful.

      ◆  High resolution and set times for the objective, to change the rate doesn’t need to rechoose the scale.

      ◆  Spare R232 interface, the specialized software can deal with and output the surveying and mapping graphics after conecting with computer.

      Standard function:

      ◆  Can take pictures of the products, and store in the computer to form a product atlas as the form of jpeg.

      ◆  Compare the photos stored in the computer with the Real-time images in the same screen.

      ◆  The pictures can be input to AutoCAD to become an engineering drawing.

      ◆  AutoCAD standard engineering drawings can be input into real-time image, making AutoCAD engineering drawings and the actual shape overlap, then compare them, as to find out their difference.

      ◆  Can input previously stored jpeg image to the real-time image.

      ◆  Can dimensioning in bird's eye view of the map.

      ◆  Customer-defined circle: make a standard circle according to clients’ needs, and then compare the standard circle with the actual workpiece overlapped, so as to find the error between them.

      ◆  Customer-defined segment: can define the starting point coordinates, length, and rotating angle of the segment, and then compare with the actual workpiece overlapped, so as to find the error between them.

      ◆  Customer-defined coordinate: define the Coordinates origin as (0, 0) in the Actual workpiece of the real-time image, then Mark any point of the picture’s coordinate position.

      ◆  Dim ordinate: To make the self-defined origin (0, 0) as a benchmark, and then mark any point of the picture’s coordinate position.

      ◆  Patent taking R Angle function: accurate plane taking R Angle mode in the present market condition.

      ◆  Measurement: can measure any physical dimension in the plane. (Angle, diameter, radius, distance of point to the line, two round eccentric, and distance between two points)

      ◆  Plotting: can describe the shape of the actual workpiece in the Real-time image, and then form a complete engineering drawing. (Drawing mode is similar to AutoCAD)

      ◆  Mark: Can mark any physical dimension in real-time image. (Length, angle, diameter, radius, distance of point to the line, and distance between two points)

      Technical parameters:

      Type 1510 Manual 2010 Manual 3020 Manual 4030 Manual
      Dimension (mm) 600*500*850 600*500*850 850*600*900 970*670*940
      Metal table dimension (mm) 345*250 345*250 450*350 650*350
      Glass table dimension (mm) 220*150 220*150 340*240 480*370
      Actual working stroke (mm) 150*100*120 200*100*130 300*200*150 400*300*150
      Weight (KG) 100 110 200 250

      ◆  Cabinet base: Granite: Level 00 Granite

      ◆  Accuracy: (3+L/75)μm  L: length of the tester, units: mm

      ◆  Surface lighting: LED annulus super bright UHP (brightness is adjustable)

      ◆  Silhouette lighting: LED super bright circular lamp (brightness is adjustable)

      ◆  Calculation and measurement: REICA 2.5D Precise-measurement software

      ◆  Temporal resolution: 0.001mm

      ◆  Repeatable accuracy: 0.002mm

      ◆  CCD: SONY chip, 1/3 colorful CCD

      ◆  Eyepiece: 0.5X (Optional : 1X, 2X)

      ◆  Objective: 0.7X~4.5X, Magnification: 20X~120X

      ◆  Power supplier: AC90~264V, 50/60Hz

      ◆  Carrying capacity: 30KG

      ◆  Operation mode: By hand (Micro adjustment and quick movement)


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