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      Product Name:
      BG5314 Cables Winding (2, 3 Pulleys) Tester

      AddDate: 2014-05-16
      It’s sed for testing the mechanical strength of PVC insulated cables or rubber insulation whose rated voltage is under 450/750V, two-core or more than two-core. It’s suitable for determination of rated voltage 450/750V, two-cores or more than two-cores PVC insulated cables or rubber insulation and special soft wire mechanical strength. Not suitable for the soft cables whose nominal cross-sectional area are more than 4mm2, and concentric laminated more than 2 layers, also not suitable for the cables whose glued numbers are more than 18-cores.

      GB/T 5013-2008,GB/T 5023-2008 

      Technical parameters:
      ◆  Testing samples: 2-cores single phase, 3 phases 3 lines, 3 phases 4 lines.
      ◆  Testing method: Empty-loaded, single phase(2 cores), 3 phases(3 lines/4 lines), optional
      ◆  Testing results determination:
           O, R, S, T Phases lines break and machine stops automatically.
           R/S, R/T, S/T/R/O, S/O, T/O, short-circuit and machine stops automatically.
           O, R, S, T Phases and pulley short-circuit, and machine stops automatically.
      ◆  Winding speed
           Two-pulley: 0.33 m/s, 
           Three-pulley: 0.1m/s
      ◆  Winding stroke: ≥1m
      ◆  Testing current: 0~35A
      ◆  Testing voltage: AC 0~450V, adjustable.
      ◆  Ball breaker: 
           Two-pulley: 0.5kg(2), 1.0kg(2), 2.0kg(2), 3.0kg(2), 4.0kg(2)
           Three-pulley: 21N(2), 28 N(2), 42 N(2).
      ◆  Pulley structure: Two-pulley and three-pulley share the small car, which is convenient for changing.
      ◆  Two-pulley: pulley diameter: 60, 80, 120, 160, 200mm (flat base and concave, each one set) 
      ◆  Three-pulley: pulley diameter: 40, 45, 50mm, one set
      ◆  Overall dimension: 2100*850*1500mm
      ◆  Power: AC 380V, 50/60Hz, 10A

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