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      Product Name:
      BG5303 Computer control of Electronic Tensile Tester (Big transformation)

      AddDate: 2016-06-02
      It’s used for testing materials’ tensile, compression, bending, tearing etc tests.
      Applicable scope: Rubber, tire, tape, sole, plastic, thin film, acrylic, FRP, ABS, EVA, PU, aluminum composite pipeline, composite materials, waterproofing materials, fiber, textile, wire and cable, paper, metal foil, belt, silk thread, spring, wood, etc.

      GB, UL, VDE

      Technical parameters:
      ◆  Max Testing force: 50N, 100N, 500N, 1000N, 2000N (customers’ self choice)
      ◆  Testing force’s Relative error: ≤±1%
      ◆  Speed: 50~500mm/Min
      ◆  Displacement resolution: 0.01mm
      ◆  Sensor: American “S” type sensor
      ◆  Effective travel: 800mm
      ◆  Big transformation: Clip two gauge lengths, it can automatically track, and calculate the elongation.
      ◆  Big transformation resolution: 0.1%
      ◆  Frequency converter: Italian Haitec-GR frequency converter (single-phase AC220V 1.5 HP. frequency converter)
      ◆  Clip materials: Use the Japanese imported tool steel, SKD-11, after high frequency processing, above HRC55, which has the feather of resistant to wear and impact.
      ◆  Screw: High precision seamless ball screw, which will not transform after long use. Origin: Taiwan.
      ◆  Surface process: Use the American Dupont powder, after electrostatic spray processing, and cured by high temperature of 200℃, which will never fade.
      ◆  Guide rod bearing: Uses the Japanese NSK ball linear bearing.
      ◆  Motor system: Italian Haitec-GR motor and speed reducer.
      ◆  Whole journey: Janpanese decoder, 1000P/R.
      ◆  Safety device: Overload emergency stop device, up and down stroke limit device, leakage automatic power shut down system, and automatic breakpoint stop function.
      ◆  Display mode: Windows XP testing software + computer display.
      ◆  Outside dimension: 500*420*1650mm
      ◆  Power: AC 220V, 50/60Hz, 2A
      ◆  Computer: Customers’ optional choice
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