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      Product Name:
      BG5313 Wires Winding and Torsion Tester

      AddDate: 2016-06-02
      It’s used for the copper rods, aluminum rods, steel wires to do torsion and winding test according to certain speed. 
      Testing method: Fix one end of the sample, and the other end 360°continuous torsion.


      Technical Parameters:
      Winding Test
      ◆  Mandrels’ diameter: Φ1.25~Φ19.00mm 
      ◆  Samples’ diameter: 
           Aluminum wires: Φ1.25~Φ6mm,
           Steel wires: Φ1.25~Φ3.80mm
      ◆  Main axis rotation speed: ≤8R/Min
      ◆  Ringht axis head displacement distance: ≥40mm
      ◆  Power: 0.75KW
      ◆  Weights: 10Kg, 5Kg, 2Kg , 1Kg

      Torsion Test:
      ◆  Horsepower: DC/1HP
      ◆  Clip type: Chuck type
      ◆  Distance between clips: 0~500mm
      ◆  Speed: 6~60 R/Min, can be set freely
      ◆  Rotation times: 0~999999, can be set freely
      ◆  Applied load: 5Kg, 10Kg, 15Kg
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