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      Environmental Test Equipments
      Burning Test Equipments
      Mechanical Capacity Test Equipments
      Electrical Test Equipments
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      BINGO INSTRUMENT (SUZHOU) CO.,LTD is a professional manufacturer of wire&cable test equipments. We focus on researching, developing, producing and selling the test equipments in this field. Our equipments are designed and produced strictly as per GB, UL, CSA, VDE, CCC, ASTM, JIS, ISO, BS, SATRA, CIE, ANSI, EN, DIN etc different countries’ test standards. We also can design different equipments according to customers’ special requirements to meet customers’ satisfaction.

      Our products include: Temperature and Humidity Environmental Test equipments, Burning Test equipments, Mechanical capacity Test equipments, Electrical Test equipments and some other test equipments. We hope to help the wire&cable manufacturers increase their reputation and trust in customers.
      Our company is equipped with modern office facilities and production sites, with a long engaged engineering and technical team in design, production and commissioning, and a well-trained management team. 

      We insist the philosophy of "market-oriented, customer-centric", to base on this industry with "first-class technology, first-class talents and first-class mechanism", to win customers’ trust with advanced technology, good quality and best service.

      We’re always on the way, your satisfaction is our moving power and target, looking forward to your consultation, negotiation and cooperation.

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      BINGO INSTRUMENT (SUZHOU) CO.,LTD ADD: 5551 Mudong Road, Linhu Town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou (Tiancheng science and Technology Park) Contact(Sunny): 86-18762861836 Tel: 0512-66280886
      Fax: 0512-66287968 Emial: zhaomin@bingoyq.com Su ICP14021546